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Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)



CLIL stands for "Content and Language Integrated Learning," meaning the learning of curriculum subjects such as geography, history, or science through a target foreign language.  There is no set methodology or structure for a CLIL program, and this term can refer to varying levels of language exposure.  However the common consensus is that both language and content are given equal importance, and that this way of teaching allows a language to be learnt and used in an immediately relevant context.


At St Monica's College our CLIL classes are carefully scaffolded to increase the exposure of our students to their target language more and more throughout the year, with the goal of full immersion.  We understand that CLIL is more than talking at our students in another language, and as such, class instruction is delivered in simplified language along with gestures and visuals to assist with understanding.  Students learn through the use of texts and resources in both English and the foreign language, and will often be asked to present at least part of their work in the target language.  They are also encouraged to speak the language in class as much as possible.

We currently have two CLIL programs available, Italian and Japanese, which run from years 7-9 with a follow-on Advanced Italian class also in year 10.


  • Year 7: Japanese, Science, Religion, Humanities, and Visual Arts
  • Year 8: Japanese, Science, Religion, Humanities, and Visual Arts
  • Year 9: Japanese, Science, Religion, Humanities.


  • Year 7: Italian, Religion, and Humanities
  • Year 8: Italian, Religion, and Humanities
  • Year 9: Italian, Religion, and Humanities
  • Year 10: Advanced Italian.

Our other three languages at St Monica's (French, Greek and Spanish) are currently offered through the general LOTE stream only.  There is also the option to study Japanese or Italian through the LOTE stream.




"CLIL is amazing, you get treated very well." - Pino, Italian CLIL


"It gives a better understanding of the language." - Nicholas, Italian CLIL


"It will help your learning, not just with language but the overall learning. It makes you think more and keeps you organised." - Klarize, Japanese CLIL


"It is a very good program and, although challenging, the end result makes it all worth it." - Aidan, Italian CLIL


"If you have doubt about CLIL definitely go for it, because there are so many perks of it. Your concentration and work efficiency improves. Learning a new language is so fun." - Gabrielle, Japanese CLIL


"Being exposed to Italian so often helped my understanding and boosted my language skills." - Jessica, Italian CLIL




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