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VCAL Intermediate

General Description

The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) is a senior secondary certificate based on vocationally orientated applied learning principles. Here, at St Monica's, these principles are achieved through project based course work that all students are expected to be actively involved. At an Intermediate level, knowledge and employability skills development leads to independent learning, confidence and a high level of transferable skills. The course provides an accredited program of studies in the following four compulsory strands.

  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • Work-Related Skills
  • Personal Development Skills
  • Industry Skills

Each learning strand is made up of VET, VCAL and/or VCE accredited modules and courses. There is a clear distinction between the three levels of VCAL. At the intermediate level, students are expected to be fairly autonomous learners who are self motivated in successfully completing their learning outcomes. It is expected that students will need minimum teacher supervision.

Successful completion of Intermediate VCAL will provide students with skills that are important for life, work and further study. The VCAL program will develop and extend pathways for students from school to further education, training and work. For example upon completion of VCAL, students can pathway into a traineeship, an apprenticeship and/or a TAFE course.


VCAL Intermediate Learning Outcomes - an evidence portfolio guide for VCAL Intermediate students

Relevant Staff

Ms P. Kathires - VCAL Program Director

Mr C. Callinan - VCAL Teacher

VCAL Certificate Progression

Once a student is eligible to receive a VCAL Intermediate Certificate, they can then begin working toward their VCAL Senior Certificate: