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Planning your VCE

​Guidelines for planning your VCE at St Monica's

Most students at St Monica's complete 24 VCE units over two years. Year 11 students complete 6 units each semester, plus one Religious Education unit spread across the full year. In Year 12 they complete five Unit 3 & 4 sequences which totals 10 units for the year, plus a further unit in Religious Education.

Compulsory Components:

All students at St Monica's must complete a Religious Education program of at least two VCE units. They must also select a sequence of English units in order to meet the VCAA's English Requirement, which is detailed below in 'Eligibility for completing the VCE'. All pathways for VCE English at St. Monica's College are shown on the English Pathways page and the English options are described in the alphabetical listing of studies. Apart from the Religious Education and English requirements, there are no other compulsory subjects.

Accelerated Studies:

In special circumstances a Year 11 student may be allowed to select a Unit 3 & 4 study, such as those who successfully completed Units 1 & 2 of a VCE study in Year 10. Some other possibilites for advanced studies exist and will be advertised to the relevant students during subject selection procedures in August. While all VCE units are open to students at the standard level they are designated for, e.g. Units 3 & 4 in Year 12, the College reserves the right to offer accelerated completion of studies selectively. This is done in the best interests of the students concerned, and within the context of timetabling and other practical constraints.

Reduced Study Loads:

In exceptional circumstances, students may be permitted to study less units than the standard program outlined above. This is available only to students with special reasons for doing so, such as educational support needs, significant health or pastoral circumstances. In some cases, students may negotiate to complete their VCE over three years instead of two. This is particularly appropriate for students who may have professional sporting commitments outside of school or integrated students who require more time to complete their work.

Vocational Education & Training Programs:

Students can integrate VET Certificates into their VCE program. Each VET certificate counts for the same number of units as a VCE study, i.e. four units completed over two years. More information about VET Certificates is outlined in the VET Section of this website which can be accessed by clicking the yellow block below.

Eligibility for completing the VCE:

To be eligible for the award of a VCE you must satisfactorily complete at least 16 units including:

  • at least three units (one of which must be at 3 & 4 level) from the English Group, selected from English Units 1 - 4, English EAL Units 3 & 4 and Literature 1 - 4, and;
  • at least three sequences of Units 3 & 4 in studies other than English, which may include one or more VCE VET certificates.

Satisfactory completion of each VCE unit is based on demonstrating all of the learning outcomes specified for that unit in the relevant VCE Study Design. The school, in accordance with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority requirements, determines the satisfactory completion of units. The regulations regarding the awarding of the VCE are very complex, and if in doubt students should seek the advice of the Senior Teacher (Senior Studies).

VCE Program Planner:

Download a printable pdf copy of the VCE Program Planner to help you plan your VCE on paper or electronic devices by clicking the red hyperlink.

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