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Glossary of VCE terms

​Definitions of Common Terms used in the VCE

​Assessment ​In Units 3 & 4 the student's level of achievement is determined by a combination of School Assessed Coursework and/or School Assessed Tasks and examinations.
​Assessment Tasks (Units 1 & 2 only) ​Tasks set by the teacher to assess students' achievements for unit outcomes. These may include activities such as a written test, folio and practical activities which are graded on a scale according to specified criteria determined by the College. A+ to E grades refer to satisfactory levels of performance, UG (ungraded) to unsatisfactory performance. NA for tasks not completed.
​Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) ​The ATAR is a score developed by VTAC to assist universities and TAFE colleges in selecting applicants for their courses. Each year, a new ATAR is calculated for each course based on demand, available places and applicant achievement levels. The ATAR is a ranked percentage between 0 and 99.95 based on a student's study scores. All students who complete internally or externally assessed VCE assessment tasks (Units 3 & 4) and apply for a course through VTAC in that year will have an ATAR calculated. If a student does make an application through VTAC, their ATAR for that year is not calculated.
​Authentication​The process of ensuring that the work submitted by students for assessment is their own. The student must follow the rules set by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority to ensure that the teacher can authenticate the work.
​Derived Examination Score ​Where illness and other personal circumstances severely affect a student during the examination period, the student may apply to the VCAA for a Derived Examination Score.
Examinations ​Examinations for Units 1 and 2 are set by the College and marked internally. These examination results are not reported to the VCAA. Examinations for Units 3 and 4 are external assessments set and marked by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority. All studies have at least one examination. Most written examinations are held in November, with a small number in June. Performance and oral examinations are held in October and November.
Extension Studies ​First year university studies recognised by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority that are available to VCE students who are very able academically.
​General Achievement Test (GAT) ​The test that is done by all students doing a Unit 3 and 4 sequence. It is used by the VCAA to check that schools are marking School Assessed Tasks to the same standard and as part of statistical moderation of coursework. Students' GAT results are reported to them with their Statement of Results. The GAT may be used to arrive at a Derived Examination Score for a student.
Graded Assessment ​All VCE studies have three graded assessments for each Unit 3 and 4 sequence. Each study includes at least one examination, most have School Assessed Coursework, and some have School Assessed Tasks.
​Outcomes​What a student must know, or be able to do, in order to satisfactorily complete a unit as specified in the Study Design.
Satisfactory Completion ​For satisfactory completion of a unit, a student must demonstrate achievement of each of the outcomes for that unit as specified in the Study Design.
School Assessed Coursework ​School Assessed Coursework is made up of a number of assessment activities specified in the Study Design. These activities are used to assess the learning outcomes.
School Assessed Tasks ​School Assessed Tasks. These are extended assessment tasks in studies such as Studio Arts, where products and/or models are assessed.
Sequence ​Two units at level 3 and 4 in the same Study Design (e.g. English Units 3 and 4).
Semester ​Approximately 2 terms. Each unit is studied for a semester.
Study Design ​The curriculum and learning outcomes for a sequence of 4 units e.g. Legal Studies Units 1 - 4.
Unit ​A self-contained study of a semester's length. VCE studies are made up of four units numbered 1, 2, 3 or 4.
Units 1 & 2 ​Level of difficulty usually associated with Year 11. Units 1 and 2 may be done separately or as a sequence.
Units 3 & 4 ​Level of difficulty usually associated with Year 12. Units 3 and 4 must be done as a sequence.
​VCE Baccalaureate

​An additional certificate awarded to students who include Mathematical Methods and/or Specialist Mathematics as well as a LOTE in their VCE, both at the Units 3 and 4 level, as well as meeting certain standards in their English studies.​


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