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Horizons Accelerated Learning Program

Pray and Persevere

Horizons Accelerated Learning Program

Pray and Persevere


Click here to apply for the HORIZONS Program for Year 7, 2017

HORIZONS is a three year accelerated program, designed to cater specifically for students of above average intellectual potential. It differs from mainstream programs by providing a fast paced, non repetitive curriculum that offers greater depth, complexity and abstraction of content. HORIZONS also offers a unique learning environment which emphasises collaboration with students of similar interests and abilities.

HORIZONS students complete Years 7 to 10 in three years, and commence VCE one year early. This creates a myriad of options for students to consider in order to maximize their performance in Year 12. For example, students can complete the VCE in two years and graduate a year early; they can complete VCE over three years and explore a greater breadth of subjects, or study first year university subjects in their final year.

The aims of the HORIZONS program are:

  • To cater for highly able students through a program that meets their legitimate educational needs
  • To maximize highly able students’ opportunities through advanced and intensive learning
  • To establish a structured learning environment that allows highly able students to work with others of similar abilities at an accelerated pace
  • To affirm highly able students in their giftedness and talent

HORIZONS students are grouped together for Arts (English, Humanities and Philosophy), Mathematics and Science . They remain with their Homeroom group for Religious Education, a LOTE of their choice, Music and Drama, Art and Design and Physical Education.

After careful research into, and consideration of the most effective ways to cater for highly able students, including advice from professors of gifted education from Monash University and the University of New South Wales, the HORIZONS program has been devised to offer educational experiences that challenge and stimulate students to fulfill their academic potential.

Further enquiries about the HORIZONS program can be directed to the HORIZONS Coordinator, on 9409 8800.


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