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Year 7: Italian, Religion, and Humanities.

Year 8: Italian, Religion, and Humanities.

Year 9: Italian, Religion, and Humanities.

What will the weekly timetable look like?

Below is an example of the timetable of a Year 7 Italian CLIL student for 2018, with 10 classes per week in Italian:

Italian CLIL schedule.PNG 

Compare this to the timetable of an Italian LOTE student, with just 3 classes in Italian:

Italian LOTE schedule.PNG 

Katy Destro
Italian CLIL Coordinator
Italian CLIL Humanities
Italian Language (CLIL)

Annita Battagello
Italian CLIL Religious Education

Judith Bon
Italian CLIL Humanities

Connie Cartelli
Italian CLIL Religious Education

Rita Malacchini
Italian CLIL Support

Laura Montesano
Italian Language (CLIL)



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