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Progress and Assessment

​Forms of Assessment in the VCE

VCE Units have a number of different forms of assessment, such as Unit Completion, School-Assessed Coursework, School Assessed Tasks and External Examinations.

Unit Completion:

This is the most basic form of assessment, and is the only type that is compulsory in order to obtain the Victorian Certificate of Education. By the end of each unit, a student must be able to demonstrate all learning outcomes specified in the study design in order to be assessed as having satisfactorily completed the VCE unit. If the student is not able to do so, a Non-Satisfactory grade is awarded, and the unit cannot be counted toward the completion of the VCE and may also cancel the results of other forms of assessment that are part of the same unit or sequence of units.

School Assessed Coursework:

These tasks are used to assess the level of a student's achievement of the unit outcomes. Commonly referred to as SACs, some examples of School Assessed Coursework include research assignments, essays, and reports in multimedia format. In Units 1 & 2, the results of SACs are only recorded within the College, and provide students with a guide to the level of achievement they may be likely to reach in Units 3 & 4 of the same study. Unit 3 & 4 SAC results are reported directly to the VCAA and form part of the student's study score for that subject. SACs must be completed if the student wishes to obtain a study score for the Unit 3 & 4 sequence.

School Assessed Tasks:

These are very similar to School Assessed Coursework however they are generally completed over a longer period of time, even across more than one unit, and are subject to being marked externally by the VCAA. Only subjects of a practical nature have SATs, such as visual arts and technology studies, where the SAT normally takes the form of a folio.

External Examinations:

All VCE Unit 3 & 4 sequences have at least one exam, sometimes two. Examinations are marked externally by the VCAA, and are often the most influential factor in the calculation of a student's study score for that subject.

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