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st monica's college, epping
college theme 2019

College Theme - Do Not Be Afraid 



Certain things attract our eye, they shine and radiate an aura, they communicate a silent but clear message.  They brighten our day, mood and spirit, and that is why our 2019 College Theme celebrates and proclaims ‘Our School of Many Colors’.

By being a member of our many-colored Monican community, we shall understand in our heart and mind that Monicans are called to be tolerant of all cultures; we are individually multi-talented human beings; and we view the world in all its breadth, diversity and complexity.  Monicans should never be one-dimensional or selfish and never ignorant about the world of 2019. 

Colors dominate our Monican story – the purple and grey known so well by decades of students from our beginning in 1964 and the magnificence of blue and gold, our colors since 1990.  In 2019, we shall recapture the stories that surround the foundation years of our school, decades of progress, development and continuous growth and enterprise.

Our exploration of the colors of our identity will excite and bring us greater understanding of what it truly means to be Monican.  The color green will represent continuous new life, red will portray our struggles and the innate sense of fiery zeal we have created and inherited, blue is the trust that we have in our patron, Monica, and in the wisdom of the foundational members of St Monica’s, the Sisters of the Good Samaritan. 

Our colors bring a kaleidoscope of emotions which we shall embrace this year.  There will be times no doubt when our colors will be dark and perhaps heavy, counterbalanced by the times we shall rejoice in our achievements, our new buildings, our strategies for the future and our great love of ‘Pray and Persevere’.  These colors will shine like the yellow sun, glow like the orange deserts of Australia, burst forth like the golden dawn of future dreams. 

Our School of Many Colors will celebrate the many nations and cultures that are represented by students and staff.  We shall marvel as we admire the various national flags as they float above us on St Monica’s Day, as we see the flashes of crimson, saffron, violet and red on performance stages, at special Monican events, and at those times when we especially honor the nationalities and cultures present in our school community. Home Rooms and Houses will take on special significance as we reflect on the colors after which they are named or formed.  It will be fun to nominate qualities associated with our Home Room color and as we gaze upon our House crest, taking special pride in being either blue, green, red or gold. 

Colors will reflect and be animated in unusual ways – the flash of red as we confront injustice in the world and seek to change that which demands change.  Green is the environment so our stewardship of God’s gift to us will be forefront in our minds.  The richness of purple will remind us of our good fortune at St Monica’s College and how therefore we ought to repay that fortune with genuine kindness and compassion.  We shall learn that very little in life is starkly black and white, indeed all situations are tinged with color of some hue:  beige and gentle, scarlet and vibrant, clear and pure as aquamarine.  We shall become Monicans of discernment.

We shall discover God in the midst of Our School of Many Colors.  In the earliest times, God created the rainbow to seal His covenant with humankind as witnessed by Noah after the Great Flood.  We shall worship the suffering servant, Jesus Christ, as He was draped in the purple cloth at his crucifixion.  We shall learn to appreciate the blueness of the heavens and the skies given to us by God.  We may even catch a glimpse in 2019 of a golden angel hovering over us!

In 2019 at our School of Many Colors, we will gleefully appreciate the beauty of art and develop our artistic pursuits even more.  Our galleries will proudly portray the range of colors that sensationalise our life visually.  No color will be too bright for Monicans to enjoy this year: no color will dim our spirits without good reason.  We will learn the ways that colors reflect our personalities, lifestyles and heritage.  This will include the greenies who possess such fervour for sustainability; rainbow alliances that support people’s self-identity; the traditional pink depiction on maps of Commonwealth countries which hold significance for Australia, a fellow member of the Commonwealth; the green and gold worn so proudly by our athletes; and the black, gold and red flag of our indigenous brothers and sisters.  

Our School of Many Colors will bring us closer to the time when we confidently determine our Monican future, shown publicly by our proud wearing of our blue and gold.  This year we shall stand firm as a leading Catholic College, an esteemed place of academic learning, a force for social justice, and the preparation ground for the leaders of tomorrow.

Together in 2019 at our School of Many Colors, each person will be the paint that produces beautiful colors for the world and our College, the brush whose actions turn dreams into reality, and the gifted painter whose beliefs, actions and precious creativity make St Monica’s College, Epping a happy and holy place where love abides.  

Brian E. Hanley B.A., Dip. Ed., Grad. Dip. Ed. Admin., M. Ed., MACE, FACEL
College Principal

St Monica's College, Epping, acknowledges the traditional owners of the land on which our school is built. For more information, please click here.