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Laudate dominum


Laudate Dominum was commissioned for the wall of Building 2 on the Davisson Street Campus in 1999. It was mounted on the wall on Wednesday, 5 April, 2000. Laudate Dominum (Latin for Praise The Lord) was designed and created by Orchard Design.

Laudate Dominum features a male figure that symbolizes youth. This figure, with arm outstretched, reaches out to the world with confidence and in praise of God. In the shadow of the cross and with the world as background, the youth emerges committed to pray and persevere, core Monican values.

Laser cut into the steel backing panel is the shape of a tree, a eucalyptus which reminds us of our Australian setting and the beauty of nature. Many are moved to reflect upon it as the Tree of Knowledge.

Designed specifically for a senior campus, Laudate Dominum inspires students on the threshold of entering the adult Australian community to be confident, to be strong in their faith, to celebrate for all they have been given and for all they will inherit.

All these are reasons to 'Praise The Lord'.

St Monica's College, Epping, acknowledges the traditional owners of the land on which our school is built. For more information, please click here.