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together in freedom and love

Together In Freedom and Love is the school song and was composed and arranged by Mark Clement Pollard, Head of Composition at the Victorian College of the Arts. This song was composed in 2002 and was first performed publicly at the College Assembly on Monday, 17 February, 2003.

The song has three verses and a chorus which celebrates our College's cultural diversity, our proud history and school colours, our confidence in the future, our commitment to peace and harmony and our enlightenment due to the presence of the Holy Spirit.

The College motto 'Pray and Persevere' recurs throughout the song as the chorus is repeated after each verse.

Together in Freedom and Love

We come from many places
and sing in one voice,
the heart of our community,
for all to rejoice.


Our past a road of honour,
paved in blue and gold,
with strength, courage and dignity,
we live through our deeds.

Enlightened by the Spirit,
our future is clear,
to fill the world around us,
with peace and harmony.


For we are St Monica's,
we pray and persevere,
and step ahead together,
in freedom and love.

Written and Composed by Mark Clement Pollard 2002.

St Monica's College, Epping, acknowledges the traditional owners of the land on which our school is built. For more information, please click here.