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futurum australis


The sculpture, Futurum Australis, is mounted on the wall at the entrance to the Sports & Assembly Hall on Dalton Road Campus. The work was commissioned by the Principal in 2012 and mounted in February, 2013. It is the third work in what is known as the Monican Collection of Sculptures, along with Monica Admirabilis and Laudate Dominum.

Futurum Australis is translated into the English language as Future of Australia, and as the admirer gazes into the textured art glass panel of the sculpture, the future of Australia is revealed. The future is the Monican who sees himself or herself. This personal realization was the main reason that the sculpture was mounted at eye level.

Futurum Australis is the work of Orchard Design, the company which has designed and created our three sculptures. As in the other two works, Futurum Australis features an identical Christian Cross of Jesus, in stainless steel, and engraved into the cross is the College motto, Pray and Persevere.

Futurum Australis features the images of two actual young Monicans – a male and female. These images were re-created through computer graphics. The Monicans face each other, Australia, and the future with confidence and hope.

The map of Australia dominates the centre of the sculpture and through that map of Australia flow streams of an active and moving current. These streams represent the life and energy Monicans will contribute to the future of our nation.

Seen from afar, the images of youth, the Cross and Australia are dramatic. As the observer approaches, he or she is drawn into the story of Futurum Australis personally, the undeniable fact that indeed the future of Australia is in the hands and hearts of Monicans of today and tomorrow.

In companionship with St Monica, may Monicans embrace the future of Australia with joy and strength gained from prayer and perseverance.

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