The College’s Mission Statement sets out the priorities of the College and the culture of the school. This Mission Statement is supported by a variety of policies and procedures that are designed to maximise the educational effectiveness of the school. It is expected that all members of the College will act with respect, dignity and in accordance with Christian values. The Catholic traditions and teachings of SMC are integral to our mission as a College community.


It is expected that all students will apply a reasonable work ethic to their studies and that they will allow good learning and teaching to occur in the classroom setting. Students are expected to undertake study at home in addition to any homework which might be set by the teacher. All homework is to be completed and submitted on time.


The physical and moral security of all students is paramount. Therefore, the College reserves the right to confiscate prohibited and dangerous property and to take any action necessary to ensure the safety of others. This includes the searching of lockers to deal with those suspected of threatening – by commission or omission – the welfare of the College community.


The possession of prohibited substances by students when on College property or when associated with the College in any capacity, will mean immediate suspension. Likewise, the use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs of a non-prescriptive nature is not permitted while in uniform, on College property, or in any situation whereby students represent the College. The trafficking in illicit substances is grounds for Negotiated Transfer from the College.


St Monica’s College, Epping has a uniform code and clear grooming regulations. These must be followed at all times and they must be agreed to before enrolment will be formally offered. Regulations are listed in the Student Planner on an annual basis.


Liturgies (St Monica’s Day and Commencement Mass), sporting carnivals, examinations, camps and excursions are calendared annually and are integral to the holistic education the College provides. Apart from medical reasons supported by a legitimate doctor’s certificate, or unavoidable family emergencies, attendance is compulsory.


Co-curricular activities are critically important aspects of Monican life. Examples of such activities are: sport, music, drama, debating, community service. If a student chooses to participate in a co-curricular activity organised by the College then it is expected that the student will represent SMC if required by the school.


School fees are set out each year as determined by the College authority. The College expects that all fees and charges are paid promptly at the times requested by the school. In cases of individual need, families are expected to contact the Fees Management Officer or Business Manager to explain circumstances and make alternative arrangements. Such discussions remain confidential between the family and the Principal or relevant staff member.


The College is committed to offering the highest quality of information technology to students – both school-based and home-based. It is required that all students abide by the College regulations in this regard. Acceptable use of College Network is outlined in the Student Planner on an annual basis.


Students will be required by the College to travel between campuses for educational and/or sporting purposes.


At St Monica’s College, Epping we celebrate the efforts of our students by mentioning their participation in school events and their achievements in various publications. Occasionally names and photographs of students are included.

These publications and educational materials include:-

• Principal’s Bulletin
• The Monican
• College Website
• Parent, Staff and Student portals- accessible only by members of the College community
• College Annual
• Student identification and library cards
• Catholic Education Office Melbourne (CEOM) publications
• Catholic Education Commission of Victoria (CECV) publications
• Community newspapers, College Prospectus
• Promotional publications, including educational departments of the various states and territories as licensed under NEALS (National Educational Access Licence for Schools)

You are consenting to use of images in these educational and promotional publications without acknowledgement, remuneration or compensation.

On the College website there may be images of students but we do not identify the student’s name and only occasionally the year level.

Occasionally we invite the local press to College events and when a story may be published about your son/daughter they are always informed and they are expected to follow school policy on the publication of photographs of students. When a story is about an individual achievement we will always seek your consent before passing information or photographs to the press for publication. Unless a story features an individual child, only group photos are published and students identified by first name and year level only.

If you do not wish to give permission for your child’s photo to be used in any of the above mentioned publications please notify the College in writing.

By agreeing to the above conditions and you understand that if at any time, you decide to withdraw this authorization, it is your responsibility to notify the College.


A full list of College Expectations and Rules is also outlined in the Student Planner on a yearly basis.


The Principal is the final arbiter in matters pertaining to enrolment at the College.