Update 1, 2021 on SMC Response to Coronavirus (COVID – 19)

Parents, Guardians and Friends,

The Premier of Victoria has announced a lockdown of the State of Victoria commencing tonight.  As we did in 2020, the College will follow the regulations as stipulated by Government and Health Department authorities.

The following matters have now been put into place until the lockdown concludes in the evening of Wednesday, 17 February.

Please note:

  • From 5.30 pm this evening (12 February) until 8.00 am Thursday (18 February), both Dalton Road Campus and Davisson Street Campus will be closed. This will also apply to Ostia
  • There will be no scheduled classes on Monday (15 February). Teachers will use this day to prepare lessons for remote learning from home
  • On Tuesday (16 February) and Wednesday (17 February) students and staff will revert to remote learning practices. Teachers will deliver their lessons online and students are expected to sign in for all lessons timetabled on those days.  There will be no Home Room period at the start of the days.  Subject teachers will mark the roll via SIMON
  • Augustine House will be open on Tuesday (16 February) and Wednesday (17 February) for vulnerable students and Monicans of essential workers
  • A booking form is available here…(Only fill this form in if you require this service)
  • School Photographs scheduled for next week will be postponed
  • Further information will be sent as it becomes available.

I assure all Monican families and staff that we shall manage this situation with care and always in the best interest of students and staff.  Please have confidence in us.

Yours faithfully,

Brian Hanley