Update 16, 2021 on SMC Response to Coronavirus (COVID – 19)

Dear Parents/Guardians and Carers,

There was a possible COVID exposure at the College yesterday, and this person is awaiting test results.

As a result, all staff and students who were at the College yesterday (Monday, 13 September) were contacted last evening and advised to be tested.

The College has been closed for cleaning of possible affected sites this Tuesday (14 September).

All staff and students who were meant to be onsite today have been contacted and told to stay at home to allow for the cleaning to occur and for pending results.  Consequently, onsite supervision of students has been temporarily paused as a matter of caution.

This email is for your information should you hear of our situation from other sources.

This matter is under control and being managed responsibly.

 Shalom – Anywhere You Go.

Brian Hanley OAM

College Principal