Update 7, 2021 on SMC Response to Coronavirus (COVID – 19)

Parents, Guardians and Carers,

I welcome all members of our Monican community to the second half of the 2021 school year.  As always at St Monica’s College, this promises to be a time for much positive activity, many events to host, and hard work to be accomplished.  I also hope it will be a time when ‘Shalom – Anywhere You Go’ shines through.

Thankfully, in Victoria at present we are not experiencing COVID outbreaks.  May this long continue as we all do what we must do to maintain this situation.  Please be assured that St Monica’s College is doing all that is required to ensure our school is operating in accordance with Government regulations.

In relation to parents, this does mean that the wearing of masks by parents and visitors when entering College and Campus reception areas and school buildings is compulsory.  Please abide by this strictly.

Further, it is a requirement for parents and visitors to check in via the QR code.

I continue to be grateful to parents for your support for the College and for the faith you have in all we must do in response to COVID.

We hope and pray that the third term will be conducted smoothly and without lockdown interruptions.

Brian Hanley OAM