COVID-19 Positive Case Number 41, 2022

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Carers,

I’m writing to let you know that a person/ people with COVID-19 was on our school site while infectious.

Date Positive case/s attended College – Thursday 19 May, Friday 20 May & Monday 23 May

Impacted class/es or year level/s:

  • Year 7 Orange, Year 7 Emerald, Year 7 Green
  • Year 8 Yellow, Year 8 Brown, Year 8 Emerald
  • Year 9 Emerald, Year 9 White, Year 9 Yellow, Year 9 Orange
  • Year 10 Mauve, Year 10 Indigo, Year 10 Silver
  • Year 10 Orange, Year 10 Emerald
  • Year 12 Red
  • Building D – Dalton Road Campus
  • Building E – Dalton Road Campus
  • Building F – Dalton Road Campus
  • Building G – Dalton Road Campus
  • Building L – Dalton Road Campus
  • Building P – Davisson Street Campus
  • Building Q – Davisson Street Campus
  • Building R – Davisson Street Campus
  • Building T – Davisson Street Campus

What you need to know

If your child is not experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, they can continue to attend school, but you should monitor for symptoms.

Students who have not yet had a COVID-19 test, but are showing symptoms of COVID-19, cannot attend school and should get tested immediately and isolate until they receive a negative result. They should not return to school until symptoms have resolved.

Students should continue with twice-a-week rapid antigen testing on school days.

Students who have recovered from COVID-19 do not need to participate in surveillance testing for 12 weeks after their isolation period has ended.

For information on symptoms visit:

For more information on how to get tested visit:

If your child returns a positive result, your child has COVID-19. You must:

  • quarantine your child for seven days
  • advise the school about the positive result
  • your child must stay home until their symptoms have resolved and they are well
  • your child completes a rapid antigen test that returns a negative result on day 6 of their isolation
  • everyone in your household is a close contact and whilst student household contacts are no longer required to quarantine, they may return to school as long as they undertake rapid antigen tests (RAT) 5 times during their 7-day period as well as wear a face covering when indoors.
  • Household contacts are required to inform the College that they are attending during the 7-day period.

Reporting your child’s positive test

If your child was at school when they were infectious you need to report the positive case through the Student COVID-19 Test Portal or you can notify the school in writing or by phone.

You must also report your child’s positive test to the Department of Health via the COVID-19 Positive Rapid Antigen Test Self-Reporting Form or call centre on 1800 675 398.

Further information for languages other than English

Financial support available to people affected by COVID-19:

For more information, visit:

Financial and other support for COVID-19 | Coronavirus Victoria

If you need a payment during coronavirus (COVID-19) – Getting help during coronavirus (COVID-19) – Services Australia

General advice and support

Advice and further resources about what to do if you test positive to COVID-19, or you have been told you are a contact, are at: Your COVID Checklist | Coronavirus Victoria, or call the 24/7 Coronavirus hotline on: 1800 675 398

You can also contact the school:

Phone: 9409 8800


Yours sincerely,

Brian E. Hanley OAM

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