17 March 2020

Update on SMC Response to Coronavirus (COVID – 19)

The College is managing the situation in relation to the Coronavirus outbreak in a professional and strategic manner.  I provide this assurance to Monican families.

No confirmed case of Coronavirus associated with St Monica’s College has been reported.  In an initial briefing to parents on the College website, College protocols were presented should there be a school closure.  Numerous messages have been forwarded to families online.

Students were informed on the morning of Monday, 16 March of measures being taken by the College and instructions were given by me on how Monicans were to deal with avoiding the spread of Coronavirus.  I based my remarks on Government agencies, and students were spoken to on how to wash and dry hands, dispose of used tissues, covering of mouth if coughing or sneezing and avoidance of unnecessary touching of the facial region, social distancing, and students were told to stay home if feeling unwell.  Notification to the College is necessary if absent.

The College has supported quarantine regulations and self isolation relevant to families.  The College has cancelled events, both internal and external, the College did not conduct the Blessing and Opening Ceremony of the DSC building, and students have been told to act calmly, peacefully, and behave responsibly and respectfully towards all peers and teachers.

Should there be school closure, arrangements have been put into place to provide all students with achievable and engaging work when not on school grounds.  Further, specific detail will be provided to families and students should this need eventuate.  Parents need to update family contact details on the Community Portal if details have changed.

‘Give wisdom to policymakers,

Skill to healthcare professionals and researchers,

Comfort to everyone in distress

And a sense of calm to us all in these days of uncertainty and distress.’

Archbishop Michael Jackson, Church of Ireland


B.E. Hanley