Dance Showcase is an exciting event held bi-annually (Semester 1 and 2) in the Theatre of All Nations, Dalton Road Campus. Each year, staff, students and special guests are treated to an evening of high-class dance entertainment. This event provides an opportunity for students enrolled in Dance at the College to develop their self-expression, focus, and choreographic performance skills. The two evenings encourage students to present their creative choreographic skills, build confidence and perform their artistry to a live audience.

The Dance Showcase program comprises of solo dance routines, group dances choreographed by VET Dance instructors and theme-based group routines choreographed by Year 9 and 10 students. Each year, special guest and highly respected dance teacher Verma Teuma is invited to attend the showcase to select one student to be the recipient of the prestigious Dance Award. This award was first introduced in 2014 as part of St Monica’s College Golden Jubilee celebrations and key selection criteria for this award includes technical accuracy, artistry, performance skills and innovative choreography.

Past Dance Award Recipients:

2014 – Julia Granata (Year 12)

2015 – Olivia Sirianni (Year 10)

2016 – Alicia Granata (Year 11)

2017 – Brooklyn De Oliveira (Year 11)

2018 – Renee Upoko (Year 12)

2019 – Loredana D’Orazio (Year 12)

2022 – Emilia Bogoevski (Year 10)