Dear Parents & Carers,

In light of the school closure, please find below information regarding remote learning from Tuesday, 23 June to Friday, 26 June.

Students – Year 7 to 12

  • Attendance sign in this week is NOT required.
  • We understand that most students would not have taken textbooks or resources from their locker on Thursday afternoon last week.  Indeed, it is highly likely that some students left their laptops at the College too.  For this reason, our teaching staff have been informed to NOT hold video conferencing this week. My recommendation to all staff is that they email their classes and, if necessary, have them undertake small, achievable tasks.
  • All assessment tasks for this week for Years 7 – 12 have been cancelled.

Students – VCE

  • I am aware that there were a number of SACs scheduled for this week, and SATs due.  These will be rescheduled in the first couple of weeks of Term 3.  The VCAA does not require grades for Unit 3 to be submitted until September so I have asked teachers to not run these remotely.

SIMON Reporting

  • We will aim to release Semester 1 Reports to parents in the second week of the Term Break.

I thank you all for the outstanding work you as parents and carers continue to undertake for our students and adapting to the rapidly changing circumstances.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns.


Michelle Keele

Assistant Principal (Learning & Curriculum)