The following are a series of frequently asked questions by the Monican community since remote learning has begun.  Please note the College continues to follow Victorian Government and Catholic Education Commission Victoria advice on all matters.

The College’s website contains all important communications from the Principal and key members of staff.  Please visit

All students must sign-in each school day prior to 9.30am from Monday, 20 April during remote learning.

They can do this from this link:

If a student is sick, we do not require them to sign-in.

If any technical issues are experienced with signing in, please contact the appropriate email address listed below. for Year 7 – 9 students for Year 10 – 12 students.

It means that we are informing you that your child has not signed in by 9.30am.  If they simply forgot, they need to contact the appropriate email address listed below by 3.00pm the next day. for Year 7 – 9 students for Year 10 – 12 students.

Please contact the College at or call 8401 7733.  Laptop repair is by appointment only.  An IT services Hub is available via the Student Portal for easy troubleshooting guides.

A COVID-19 Fee Relief application form is available via the College website. You can fill it out here.

Please contact the Finance and Business Manager at if you require more information.

A member of staff has been assigned as a Monican Minder to check on the progress of each student.  They will be asked a few short questions once per week.  If there is further follow up required, contact will be made with a phone call home.

An announcement is available on the website here with the prescribed amounts of work each student should be receiving in each year level.  Please refer to the previous question and answer if you are experiencing troubles.

Please contact the College on 9409 8800 and you will be transferred to one of our Counselling staff.

If you can learn from home you should and as per the Victorian Government directive if you are an essential service worker then schools can accommodate learning on site.  If you are sending your child to school, you must contact the College the day prior on 9409 8800.

You can contact the College at any time on 9409 8800 and you will be transferred to their phone extension.  The teachers will endeavour to return the phone call as soon as possible.  This is the College’s preferred contact method.

Yes. Faculty Leaders are available via email to assist with any education specific question. 

Here are their details:

  • Commerce & Computing | Mr Sid Bagh  | Email:
  • Educational Support | Mrs Angela Anderson | Email:
  • English | Miss Amy Foster | Email:
  • Food Technology | Mrs Amber Dal Cin | Email:
  • Health & PE | Mr Brad Beecham |
  • HORIZONS | Mrs Helen Luppino |
  • Humanities | Mrs Clare Turner | Email:
  • Learning Interventions | Mr Bryan Kilkenny | Email:
  • Library Resources Faculty | Mr Edward Kostraby | Email:
  • LOTE | Mrs Maryanne Theodosis | Email:
  • Mathematics | Miss Jenny Bowers | Email:
  • Performing Arts | Mr Benjamin Hodges | Email:
  • Religious Studies | Mr Shannon Donahoo | Email:
  • Science | Mrs Shayne Esmaquel | Email:
  • Technology | Mr Michael Gowers | Email:
  • VCAL | Mrs Helen Rabenda | Email:
  • VET | Mrs Kate Molony  | Email:
  • Visual Arts | Mrs Pina Glover | Email: