The following are a series of frequently asked questions by the Monican community since remote learning has begun.  Please note the College continues to follow Victorian Government and Catholic Education Commission Victoria advice on all matters.

General Information

The College’s website contains all important communications from the Principal and key members of staff.  Please visit

The College will only be open at Augustine House from 8:00am – 4:36pm. Please note Davisson Street and Dalton Road Campus will be closed.

All students will learn from home as per the Victorian Government directive unless they are a child of a permitted worker or a vulnerable child. In this situation the school can accommodate learning on site.  If you are sending your child to school, you must contact the College the day prior on 9409 8800 by 3pm.


Please contact the College at or call 8401 7733.  Laptop repair is by appointment only.  An IT services Hub is available via the Student Portal for easy troubleshooting guides.


Q & A with our College Counsellors

Yes, SMC has a counselling services that are accessible to all students. Counsellors are available every school day, during normal school hours.

Under the current restrictions, counselling is provided through telehealth. Telehealth is counselling support using a telephone and in some instances can be supported with use of video.

Counsellors can be accessed in the following ways:

  1. Speaking with a teacher of Year Level Leader, this can lead to a recommendation or referral to counselling.
  2. Self-referral via the SMC Student Portal (Wellbeing – Counsellor Services – Student Referral).
  3. Via phone at College Reception on 9409 8800 and request to speak with a Counsellor

Students can access counselling for a variety of issues including anxiety, stress management, mood, motivation, procrastination, friendship, family issues, grief and loss.

During this time of restriction all Counsellors are working offsite. All conversations are confidential, however in the instance where there are concerns about the safety for a student or they identify that some else is at risk. This is explained to the student prior to commencing counselling and both student and parents are provided with a consent statement.

Teaching and Learning

There have been changes made to the way we take attendance during Term 3 of remote learning.

Students no longer need to sign in via the Student Portal each morning. Attendance will now be taken during every timetabled lesson. Subject teachers will notify students as to how this will occur. For some classes, attendance may be recorded based on student presence during video conferences, others may require the student to respond to a post or email by the classroom teacher. If students are unaware as to how their attendance will be recorded for each lesson, they should contact their subject teacher.

 Teachers will be taking attendance and available for every subject except Pastoral (Years 7 – 10) and Year 8 RE Growth and Relationships. Every student is expected to follow their teacher’s directions.

Yes, your child will be expected to be online and available for roll-marking at the normal time the class is scheduled.

Yes, students are expected to be available at the start of each lesson to take attendance. Sometimes the teacher will ‘dismiss’ the students so that can work independently on set tasks. However, they should work on that subject for the same period of time they would undertake the subject if they were at school.

Teachers will use a variety of methods to deliver subject content. These include video conferencing, emails and learning management systems (e.g. Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams). The teacher will advise the student how the lesson will run.

No, teachers will use a variety of ways to conduct the lesson, including but not limited to video conferencing. Students will be expected to undertake independent learning.

Parents should use Continuous Reporting via PAM to access assessment and teacher feedback. Teachers can also be contacted via email.

A member of staff has been assigned as a Monican Minder to check on the progress of each student.  They will be asked a few short questions once per week.  If there is further follow up required, contact will be made with a phone call home.