The Athlete Development Program (ADP) and Talent Identification and Development (TID) programs make up the College’s High Performance Sport Pathway. Managed by highly respected High Performance Coach, Joel Hocking, the pathway provides opportunities for talented student athletes with additional high performance physical preparation for their respective sport activity, for both College representation and external non-College sport.

Athlete Development Program

The ADP is a competitive entry physical preparatory program run by the College’s High Performance staff for selected elite level Year 7-11 student athletes. Using a modified in-class student timetable, the program provides these students high performance support, including:

  • Strength and physical conditioning preparation, including tutorials on safe lifting techniques, incremental physical loading based on age and experience and sport specific strength and conditioning.
  • Nutritional advice and programming in order to maximise performance, including opportunities for individual food monitoring, education on the value of nutrition and hydration for optimal performance.
  • Performance psychology support, including general advice on time management, goal setting, visualisation techniques, resilience training and anxiety management. Students will have access to the College’s network of Consultant Psychologists.
  • Specialist, elite technical coaching within the College’s Academy programs, namely Football, Basketball, Netball, Australian Rules Football, Athletics, Martial Arts, Cricket, Volleyball and Tennis.
  • Sport Science and physical testing analysis, whereby students will be progressively measured in a number of general and sport specific physical parameters, such as strength, speed, power, agility and endurance.
  • Injury rehabilitation and recovery techniques, with students provided access to the College’s network of allied health providers.

“In 2022, the Athlete Development Program produced multiple State and National level athlete representatives, with our top athletes medalling at the Australian Junior Championships across a variety of different sports.”

Mr Joel Hocking – High Performance Coach

Application Process

Students are required to apply annually for positions within the ADP, based on:

  • Recent athletic performance, including Regional, State and National level (or equivalent) representation
  • Sporting achievements, including medal or placings, individual awards
  • Commitment to maintaining adequate academic and behavioural standards
  • Attitude, work ethic and coachability within the College’s Academy and non-Academy sports
  • Commitment to College representation in Sport and other fields
  • Endorsement from relevant referees, including current or past Coaches
  • Identified potential for future State or National representation.

The ADP application form can be found here.

ADP has a 3-tier approach based on sporting needs in 2023:

ADP Blue – Completing 4 sessions per week (Students train during class time)
ADP Gold – Completing 3 sessions per week (Students train during class time)
ADP White – Completing 2 session per week (Students complete before or after school)