20 May 2020

Update 10 on SMC Response to Coronavirus (COVID – 19)


Parents, Guardians and Friends,

The time is approaching when your children return to St Monica’s College and face-to-face teaching and learning.

Your commitment to your children of all ages throughout this unique time is to your personal credit.  Congratulations.

Years 11 and 12 (VCE, VET and VCAL) students return on Tuesday, 26 May, along with Year 10 students studying VCE units.  Our Years 7, 8, 9, and 10 students are back at school on Tuesday, 9 June.  All remote teaching and learning stops for the seniors after 26 May (unless the teacher is ill) and stops for Years 7 – 10 on Friday, 5 June.  The same concluding dates apply for the Minder to Monicans program.

I thought that you would appreciate my providing you with the reasons why you should send your child back to school on the date nominated by the Government.  I hope that this is of interest and is informative and comforting.

  • Our College is abiding by all that the State Government of Victoria regulates
  • The distancing regulations for adults do not apply to students
  • While starting times will not alter, the Year 7 students will be dismissed at 3.10 pm daily and the Year 10 students at 3.15 pm daily until further notice
  • Parents are urged strongly not to enter the grounds for the time being unless the matter is urgent. If so, only enter the reception areas
  • If a student comes to or leaves school by car, the driver is urged strongly to remain inside the vehicle and to depart as soon as possible
  • Cleaning the College is paramount: sanitisers in every occupied room; increased cleaning staff hired across the College; very specific cleaning such as door handles and hand rails, floor surfaces, kitchenettes and staff lounges; bench-tops and reception counters; bathrooms and toilets; drinking fountains.  Each of these items will be fully maintained and top-ups undertaken whenever required
  • Parents should provide their children with their own water bottle for use at school, as students should not drink directly from drinking fountains. Taps may be used to refill water bottles
  • Appropriate and extensive signing will be posted throughout the College and at entrances and exits. ‘Safety and Precaution First’ is the key message
  • The College will not be compulsorily taking temperatures of students or staff or insisting upon face-masks. Temperatures will be taken of those visiting the College
  • Students should clean their phones regularly
  • Students and staff are not to come to school if feeling unwell. This is an important responsibility to support each other
  • Students should practise hand hygiene before and after catching school transport and practise physical distancing at bus stops, train stations and interchange locations for other shared transport services
  • School camps and excursions for Terms 2 and 3 are cancelled. The College, however, will reintroduce its vast co-curricular program with all precautions in place

Monican behaviour, grooming and uniform expectations will apply as normal.  Winter uniform is to be worn.

Please note that our Finance Office is keen to ensure that parents feel supported and understood in what may be difficult financial situations for some families.  Please do not hesitate to contact the College if you have any reason to speak about fees and have not done so already.

I promise to maintain these updates to parents as frequently as they have been coming until the end of second term.  In addition, Principal’s Bulletins and one further edition of The Monican this term will be sent to families.

Parents and Guardians, I do ask that you trust your child’s school in these stressful times.  Every precaution, preparation, procedure and plan has been put in place to maximise the safety and health of students and staff and to re-establish first class face-to-face learning and teaching onsite from the dates listed above.


Saint Monica, loving patron of our College,

Protect and support us as we return to school.

Look lovingly on your Monican children as they resume,

Guide gently your Monican staff as they ready themselves,

Pray for your Monican parents as they prepare their children for back to school.


Brian E. Hanley