15 July 2020

Update 15 on SMC Response to Coronavirus (COVID – 19)     

Parents, Guardians and Friends,

Since I last wrote, our senior students have returned to attend school and teachers have commenced preparing the remote lessons for students in Years 7 to 10.

Here are the facts:

  • VCE and VCAL students returned on 14 July along with Year 10 students studying a VCE unit
  • Years 7 – 10 students are on holidays and return to remote learning on Monday, 20 July
  • There is no remote learning for senior students. If senior students are immunity compromised, they must contact Year Level Leaders and appropriate documentation provided if none is already held here at the College
  • Remote lessons (Years 7 – 10) will be taught according to their period time and the roll will be marked at the start of each class. This is for compliance reasons, it satisfies expressed parental needs, and it ensures that students receive work at the time of their actual class and not all at once.  Unlike last time, students do not sign in at the beginning of the day
  • Only parents who cannot work from home may, if they must, send their child to school for supervision. They must notify the College every day prior to sending their child to school by making a booking for the next day.  This is a daily requirement and is essential.
  • Parents must notify the College on the day if their child is sick. If a student is sick or showing symptoms of illness, they must remain at home
  • Teachers will utilise email this time across the College
  • These arrangements exist until 19 August.

Like families, the College awaits with trepidation for new announcements and the possibility of tougher restrictions.  We can only contact families as quickly as possible after new facts emerge.  Instructions will be given in relation to taking home learning resources in case of sudden announcements.

Please remember, classes will be taught according to the day’s timetable.  This will keep your child busy all day.  Please do not allow them to extend their learning too far into evening hours, especially our younger students.  They should also take recreation and food breaks according to the ‘regular’ school day.

For now, the College remains open.  Please note that counselling provision for students remains available and should be utilised if required.  It can take many forms.  Contact the Year Level Leaders who will put you in touch with the Counselling Team or contact the Senior Teacher (Wellbeing) for advice.

Senior students and any other students who attend school during this time will have their temperature checked.  A reading of 37.5 will see the student’s parent contacted and the student will be required to leave the premises.

Masks are recommended but they are not compulsory.

Families will have received the third edition of The Monican lately and this featured the ‘Welcome Back’ message and lovely, positive reports about students’ return.  Then the second lockdown happened.  Back to Square One!

These next six weeks will be tough for everyone – onsite, offsite, at home, student, parent, teacher, non-teaching staff member.  Some weeks will be better than others: some days will be brighter than the one before.  Anxiety will grow in the community over the number of Coronavirus cases and deaths: restrictions may be tightened and imposed more rigidly.

Monicans should:  pray and persevere; abide by Government regulations and rules; social distance, maintain high levels of hygiene, use masks as recommended; and be sensible.  This needs to happen in homes, at school, when in public places.


Saint Monica, you knew hardship and grief in your life,

Travel this 2020 COVID-19 journey with us in spirit and prayer.

Protect all in society – the young, elderly folk, the ill and the poor,

That together the people of Victoria will unite and be safe.

Brian E. Hanley