29 July 2020

Update 16 on SMC Response to Coronavirus (COVID – 19)     

Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends,

My updates to the College community have appropriately been about your children and how the College is seeking to make life as bearable and education as effective as possible.

This time though, I wish to express my admiration and thanks to you, the parents of our Monicans.  You are admired for how you are dealing with the challenges you are meeting and probably the anxieties you are feeling about your children’s welfare, safety and good health.  It is increasingly more difficult to maintain a positive spin on the circumstances we Victorians are facing amidst all the sad and bad news concerning COVID-19.

You deserve a genuine expression of recognition that your task as parents is complex and tough for you. 

I thank you for maintaining faith in SMC throughout this crisis and for when you provide suggestions or new approaches.  Thank you for keeping your son or daughter enrolled at the College, and I truly hope when re-enrolment for 2021 comes along you will keep them at this school.  I thank you for organising the set-ups you must allow for in your home should your child be learning remotely.  Thank you when you offer help, encouragement and rewards for when they do well (even for persevering).

For parents of senior students, thank you for sending your child to school for onsite learning when so many other schools are closing.  Trust us to be insisting upon hygiene, social distancing, precautions, and know please that we maintain a very clean environment.  Attendance by seniors has been tremendously strong, so parents’ faith in the school is much appreciated.  We know that many of you will be anxious.  SMC will continue to follow Government, Health Department, and Catholic Education Melbourne regulations.

Parents, know also that you are in my and the Monican community’s prayers.

We pray for you:

  • In your anxiety and personal uncertainty
  • When you are tired yet know that you must put on a positive face for your family
  • If you or a family member or friend is unwell or is awaiting testing results
  • Should your parent or relative reside in a hazardous environment or work within one
  • If you have a relative overseas, interstate or in a non-quarantine region of Victoria
  • If you lost your job or business, or have had work hours reduced
  • When you find mandated isolation and face covering difficult
  • In every difficult personal circumstance this fight against the virus throws up for you.

May the loving parent, Saint Monica, inspire, energise and protect you.


Brian Hanley