14 August 2020

Update 18 on SMC Response to Coronavirus (COVID – 19)     

Dear Parents, Guardians, Friends,

The Stage 4 restrictions applying to the lives of Melburnians continue to weigh heavily on us.  Your College operates daily with a skeletal staff in attendance and this will continue throughout the period of lockdown and quarantine.  You can always contact the College via telephone.

Re-Enrolment for 2021 

Business life goes on and this is re-enrolment time for 2021.  I need to emphasise that re-enrolments are open now, there is a $150 deposit per child (deducted from Term 1 2021 fee), and re-enrolment closes on Friday, 16 October 2020.

School Fees

In relation to school fees, the following arrangements are in place.  This week we invited all families to re-enrol their child/children at St Monica’s College for 2021.  As a school, we have considered the difficulties our families have faced during this pandemic and wanted to provide a level of certainty regarding fees.  As such, we have announced that there is no increase to Tuition Fees or Annual Levy for 2021.  We have also extended the re-enrolment period to 16 October.

We also remind you that we will continue to provide families with the ability to apply for fee relief for Term 3.  Any families who require assistance managing their school fee commitments for 2020 are urged to contact Alison Pisani, Finance and Business Manager at fees@stmonicas-epping.com.

Years 7 – 10 Learning

Students in Years 7 – 10 continue to be taught and learn remotely.  I have been told that this is operating well, and any problems should be addressed with your child’s Minder to Monicans or the Year Level Leader.  Counsellors’ advice is always available upon request.


For the information of senior school families (Years 11 and 12), I outline the following details to the extent that they have been released publicly by the Minister for Education.

Every Victorian student will be assessed and VCE scores and ATAR ranks adjusted as necessary, to account for any impact this pandemic has on a student’s results.

This means no VCE student will be disadvantaged by the effects of coronavirus.

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) will introduce a new Consideration of Educational Disadvantage process to calculate VCE scores.

This will take into account any disruptions to learning caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The VCAA will consider a range of data, including:

  • Information provided by schools about students’ expected achievement levels
  • School assessments completed prior to remote and flexible learning
  • The General Achievement Test (GAT)

This information will then be considered with examination results and the impact of coronavirus on each student, to calculate the student’s final VCE scores and ATAR.

This may include significant impacts such as school closures, long absences, dealing with substantial extra responsibilities at home, impacts on student health and wellbeing and/or immediate family, ongoing issues with remote learning, and mental health challenges.

Final scores will take into account both examination performance and individual’s circumstances.

(Information herein derived from letter to Year 12 students of The Hon James Merlino, Minister for Education)

The VCE examination timetable will not change and the VCE and VCAL results will be released on 30 December.

Lesson-Free Day

Parents, to assist with your planning, I am declaring Friday, 28 August a lesson-free day for both learners and teachers.  All will have earned a well-deserved rest by then.  No work will be set, attempted or corrected on that day or over the weekend.  The College will remain open.

Mother Mary, Help of Christians and patron of Australia,

Pray for your people Downunder in our plight.

Protect us from the perils and dangers of coronavirus,

Return those who are ill to good health,

And bring this virus to a quick and complete end.

Brian E. Hanley