28 October 2020

Update 23 on SMC Response to Coronavirus (COVID – 19)    

Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends,

Tonight, we release the video of the 2020 Year 12 Graduation as we farewell our senior students who have experienced a torrid year of study and stressful experiences.  May each Year 12 graduands take personal pride in having reached this pinnacle of secondary education.  All VCE and VCAL students are praised and congratulated.

I shall conclude my Parent Coronavirus Briefings with this edition, in the hope that we shall not have to reintroduce them due to unfavourable circumstances.  Your College will continue to observe meticulously COVID-19 regulations.  I ask that you insist that your children follow COVID-safe precautions such as wearing of masks and social distancing at school.

I place on record my genuine thanks to all members of our Monican community for the manner in which we have dealt with the complexities of these times.  A wide range of matters simply had to be handled calmly and properly including remote learning and teaching, cleanliness of the College buildings and grounds, effective and regular communication, financial considerations taken into account, and the individual pastoral care and wellbeing of each child.

May God bless you as we proceed to the conclusion of the school year.  Truly, this has been a memorable and unique year for Monicans, Victorians, Australians and the citizens of the world.


Lord Jesus, lead us back into a world well-known,

A world where humanity resumes a treasured lifestyle.

Keep all Victorians conscious of the imminent danger around us

And ever aware of the need to be responsible.

Brian Hanley