Northern Football Academy

The College has a proud history of footballing excellence and provides its students with an elite developmental pathway, commencing with entry to the Football Excellence Program at Year 7 and culminating with acceptance into the prestigious Northern Football Academy in Year 10.

Football Excellence Program

The Football Excellence Program is an elite pathway program for selected Year 7-9 students. The Year 7 and 8 Football Excellence Program operates before or after school and are coached by qualified AFC licensed staff members and sessional coaches. Thirty to fifty students in each year level are selected and train all year to prepare for Premier League competitions, intercollegiate Futsal Tournaments as well as other tournaments culminating in around fifteen matches a year. The program aligns itself with the practices that will best prepare the footballer for the elite level as well as catering for the fresh and new beginner. All coaches prepare the most suitable practices for the ages they coach.

The Year 9 Football Excellence Program prepares the student for a more advance preparation into the world of football. Both male and females are competitively selected and operate as elective subjects via two double lessons a week with a specific coach designated to each gender. On average, 16 to 22 boys and between 14 to 18 girls are selected. Selection includes a trial process and entry into the program is based upon specific technical abilities and game awareness based on contemporary football curriculum.

The Year 7, 8 and 9 programs are designed to flow into the Northern Football Academy. The progression from the youngest age up to the Academy and then into senior years is one that requires a drive to want to succeed academically as well as possessing a passion for football. The programs aim to mould the whole person, their leadership, their attitude and their management between football and study.

Students within the Football Excellence Program may also apply concurrently for entry into the College’s Athlete Development Program and receive further high performance service provision. See here  for more information.

“The Northern Football Academy is one of the country’s top Collegiate Football Programs. Specialist curriculum based subjects provide each student with a holistic football education, with Academy teams consistently challenging for titles in Victoria and beyond. The Academy aim to send three teams to Singapore to compete in the prestigious JSSL Singapore Professional Academy 7s, Asia’s Premier Youth Football competition in the near future. ”

Mr Mark Torcaso – Director of Football

Immersion Program

The Year 10 Northern Football Academy course has three focal points. The first is using football as a context for students to better understand the world they live in and to engage with subjects at school keenly. The second focal point is to provide students with an informed view of potential career pathways within the world game that are not associated with playing. The third focal point is the intention to enhance their footballing IQ.

The principles behind the academy are:

  • To enhance each student’s experience, technical ability and knowledge of the game
  • To investigate possible careers within the world game whether they be as a player, coach, administrator, therapist, agent, the list goes on, creating a potential focal point for future study and aspirations
  • To ensure that each student’s academic trajectory is uninterrupted. They will be able to pursue VCE or VCAL studies the following year
  • To demand from them a commitment to the academy and the College by doing everything they can to be great contributors and fine examples as Monicans
  • To enjoy themselves
  • To create leaders ready to contribute to an ever changing world.

The Academy is an entirely immersive experience whereby it forms a homeroom at Year 10 and all students will complete:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Sport Science
  • Religious Education
  • VET Sport Career Orientated Participation Certificate II
  • Applied Football (a combination of theory and practical football subjects)

More information about the NFA program can be found here.