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Principal’s Art Prize

Anela Elle Go

‘Elephant in a Bottle’

Year 11

Principal’s Choice Award

Alanna Tran


Year 9

Curator’s Choice Award

Jackson Robinson


Year 10

Overall DRC Award

Mia Abdelahad


Year 9

Overall DSC Award

Liana D’Alessandri

‘Night at the Cinema’

Year 11

DSC Design Award

Raj Umargamwala

‘Monument Valley’

Year 10

DRC Design Award

Natasha Kristanto

Illuminated Letter ‘N’

Year 7

Highly Commended Year 12

Crystal Ressureccion

‘The Last Stop’

Year 12

Highly Commended Year 11

Kate Hercy Nieves

‘Cartoon Pandemonium’

Year 11

Highly Commended Year 10

Chantelle Tran

‘Self Portrait’

Year 10

Highly Commended Year 9

Ashlynn O’Connor


Year 9

Highly Commended Year 8

Diya Anil

‘Street Scene’

Year 8

Year 8

Highly Commended Year 7

Sakshi Sharma


Year 7

Media Award

Ethan Aquilina

‘Change’ Film Still

Year 12

Remote Learning Award

Serena Tien Kieu

‘My Dream Room’

Year 9