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Performing Arts Subject Offerings

St. Monica’s College provides a comprehensive, uniquely immersive and engaging Performing Arts curriculum for all students.

Performing Arts at St. Monica’s College cultivates artistic expression and is an avenue for students to enhance their creativity and develop a sense of artistic identity. Studies in Music, Dance and Theatre provide Monican’s a platform to collaborate, communicate and develop their overall understanding of society and culture.

Students at St. Monica’s College have the opportunity to study Music and Theatre Studies (Drama) from Year 7-12 and Dance from Year 9-12. VCE subject offerings include VCE Music Solo Performance, VCE Theatre Studies and VCE Dance.

In Music, learning is both practical and experiential. Students learn about the power of music as an art form as well as how it is selected, shaped and created. Students listen, improvise, compose, interpret and respond to musical works and partake in a plethora of live performance opportunities such as; choirs, instrumental ensembles and solo competitions. Instrumental music lessons are also available at the College and students can select from a range of instruments to study. Areas of study in music include; Instruments of the orchestra, composition, aural analysis, solo performance and musicianship.

Theatre Studies students uncover the art of dramatic storytelling through a variety of communication modes. Students learn about maintaining role, harnessing expressive skills, integrating dramatic elements and applying stagecraft and theatre technologies to generate evocative drama performances that explore personal, cultural and social constructs of our world. Theatre Studies students perform scripted and self-devised drama works, analyse and evaluate live theatrical performances and establish skills in live theatre and film. Key areas of study in Theatre Studies (Drama) include; exploring and expressing ideas, presenting and performing dramatic works and responding to and interpreting live and scripted drama.

Dance students engage in building a movement vocabulary with their bodies to creatively express the human experience. Students use choreographic and performance skills to create routines which articulate thoughts, emotions and reactions. Students build skills in ballet, tap, jazz and musical theatre styles whilst exploring and analysing the influence and techniques used by prolific dancers and dance practitioners. Areas of study in Dance include; artistic intention, artistry, elements of movement, safe and ethical dance practices, choreographic devices and establishing group structures and physical skills.

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Theatre Studies

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