The Principal’s Cup for Song is a solo voice competition and is part of the prestigious annual Principal’s Awards. The event offers vocalists from Year 7 to Year 12 with an opportunity to share their passion for singing and performance. Finalists are selected by audition and are required to present one song of their choice for adjudication.

The competition is adjudicated by an industry expert and two awards are presented:

The Winner of the Principal’s Cup for Song is awarded to the vocalist who displays the highest level of stagecraft and musicianship in their performance. The award recognizes an outstanding level of vocal performance skill.

The Encouragement Award is presented to the vocalist who demonstrates great potential in all categories of vocal performance and stage presentation.  This award is given to an enthusiastic singer who wishes to pursue further study in vocal performance.

Past award recipients:

Year            Winner                      Encouragement Award

2005            Jian Samuel                    N/A

2006            Dominic Santilli             Emily Vincent

2007            Benjamin Hodges           Samantha Zammit

2008            Samantha Zammit          Nathan Slevin

2009            Madeline Perrone           Michelle Eagles

2010            Samantha Zammit          Unathi Miya

2011            Madeline Perrone           Nicole Stella

2012            Madeline Perrone           Sarah Jones

2013            Olivia Chamoun              Christopher Sciberras

2014            Olivia Chamoun              Phillip Ly

2015            Makayla Rao                   Joshua Failla

2016            Makayla Rao                   Georgia Triantafillopoulos

2017            Olivia Chamoun              Mandy Petros

2018            Rhea John                       Alice Xue

2019            Alice Xue                          Nicholas Peterson

2020           Rhea John                       Aaliyah Mathias

2021            Rhea John                       Ascah Thankachen

2022           Anisijia Dimoski            Alessio Scalpelli