Stepping Stones

An important part of the College’s pastoral commitment is to help students to develop their social relationships and work together to create a harmonious homeroom experience for all. The name of the program designed specifically for Year 8 students is called Stepping Stones. This program provides a wonderful opportunity for the home room group to go away together, to form bonds of friendship and respect and to enjoy some fun and challenge as a group.

The objectives of the program are:

To help students to reflect on their personal journey at this stage of their lives and to encourage them to start thinking about the next steps in their journey.
To encourage each student to recognize and share their talents and gifts.
To assist them to recognize and value the talents and gifts of others.
To encourage community building within the home room group.

Uniquely Year 9

The aims of this pastoral program include allowing students to step out of the classroom and the College for a unique learning experience, recognizing their stage of development and their search of their own identity. Helped by this experience, they have the opportunity to look more closely within, to develop a better understanding of themselves and others, to work together to solve problems and respond to challenges, and to grow in awareness of the world and their place in it. Students travel to various sites in the state, in their home room groups, and engage in activities that are designed to challenge them, to provide fun and group bonding and to allow time for personal reflection.

On the Edge

Year 10 is a time in the lives of many young people when they feel most acutely the complexities of growing up. Feeling “on the edge” is probably the experience of many adolescents during this period of their lives: on the edge of VCE and “serious” study; on the edge of self-discovery; negotiating the edge between platonic friendships and romantic intimacy, between adolescence and adulthood; walking the edge between individual spirituality and organized religion. It is a time of risk, of choice and decision-making, of questioning one’s identity.

In the unique and special environment of St Monica’s country campus Ostia, students, in gender groups, have the opportunity to explore through a range of activities the following five themes which have been identified as important area of concern to young people in Year 10 – relationships, decision making, emotional development, identity and spirituality.