This notification has been sent to all College families, students and staff members. It has been sent via SMS/email and appears on the College website
The College has been contacted by DHHS and is now assisting the Department of Health and Human Services on COVID classifications and definitive guidelines for staff and students. Staff and Parents, you may receive a link to a questionnaire to complete and I ask that you complete this as soon as it is received.

In the meantime, continue to send all questions on the COVID situation or to report a positive COVID test by contacting the College via

The Davisson Street Campus has been cleaned and is safe for use. As explained yesterday all Unit 3 and 4 classes will remain online until Monday, 18 October. Official classes will conclude on this day at the end of Period 4. It may be possible to collect resources later this week, but I will inform you as soon as this is possible.

Supervision for children of essential workers, vulnerable students and other at-risk students will recommence from tomorrow, Wednesday, 13 October. Please book your child in via the following link Students are to meet at Augustine House and will not be admitted if they have any COVID symptoms.

I will continue to contact everyone in our College again daily with further updates continuing to ensure that parents, students, and staff have all the information that I have in this matter.

Shalom – Anywhere You Go.

B.E. Hanley OAM