I truly hope that all Monican families are coping through this stressful time.  Each of us in our own way and within our family is being tested on our strength and resilience.  None of us ought to feel alone so please reach out to family, friends, professionals, or the College if there are any circumstances that are causing you to feel unwell and most unsettled.

This notification has been sent to all College families, students and staff members.  It has been sent via SMS/email and appears on the College website

Also, if needed, contact us through

Six main matters for today:

  1. We have managed to assist the Department of Health and Human Services with contact tracing and notified all relevant staff, students and visitors of their classification.
  2. Year 12 students unfortunately will remain in remote learning until they conclude classes on Monday, 18 October next week.
  3. A process for collecting materials from the College will be in place from Tuesday, 19 October.
  4. Preparations have begun for the return of all other year levels from Tuesday, 26 October.
  5. Grateful thanks for your concern and be assured that we are endeavouring to answer all queries from our school community in a timely manner. On occasions, your patience will be appreciated.
  6. Supervision of vulnerable students continues on Dalton Road Campus.

Our prayer and perseverance will both sustain and strength us as we deal with this difficult and complex time.

Shalom – Anywhere You Go.

B.E. Hanley OAM