The constitution of Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools Ltd (MACS) contains a Statement of Mission, which provides the expectations of the sole member of MACS, the Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne (Member), for Catholic schooling and the identity and work of a Catholic school. The Statement of Mission positions MACS firmly in the reality of the Eucharistic character of the Catholic school, affirming that its enterprise is one that builds community and provides opportunity for personal transformation.

With parents and parishes, Catholic schooling seeks to fulfil this mission by providing an environment in which students are enabled to:
• encounter God in Christ and deepen their relationship with him
• pursue wisdom and truth encouraged by a supportive academic culture
• grow in the practice of virtue, responsible freedom and serving the common good.

A Catholic school:

• is actively embedded in the life of the faith communities of the local Church, which in turn is tangibly manifested in the life of each school
• is an essential place for the evangelising of children and young people
• exists to assist students, and their families, to integrate faith, reason, life and culture
• is conspicuously Christian in outlook, explicitly Catholic in faith and practice, and intentionally missionary in orientation
• cultivates spiritual, social and emotional growth in a safe and protective environment
• provides a learning environment in which the whole educational community is formed to embrace life in all its fullness (Jn 10.10)
• offers a human formation that has the intellectual, practical and moral excellence of learners at its heart
• forms consciences, fosters peace and develops respectful dialogue, at the service of intellectual charity
• encourages the discovery of Catholic cultural heritage, especially in art, music, literature and architecture.

St Monica’s College, Epping is a school which operates with the consent of the Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne and is owned, operated and governed by MACS. St Monica’s College, Epping is a Catholic secondary, coeducational school which has been established to provide quality education in the Catholic doctrine for families in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.


We were formed in the Good Samaritan Benedictine tradition. Our mission is inspired by our patron Saint Monica and are called to pray and persevere.

At St Monica’s College, Epping we aim to continue to strengthen the Monican learning culture by focusing on wellbeing through nurturing the dignity of personhood. We will focus on improving teacher pedagogical practice through consistent and collaborative approaches, specifically ensuring that teacher and student feedback is a feature of effective daily practice. We will use data to inform us and guide our future plans. Engaging with the Monican community will allow us to enhance partnerships, input and collaboration.


St Monica’s College, Epping is a regional Catholic coeducational faith community. The school values the sacredness and wellbeing of all students, staff and parents and is committed to serving the young people of the northern suburbs of Melbourne.


At St Monica’s College, Epping we promote the truths and values of Jesus Christ and fidelity to the message of the Gospels. Through prayer and perseverance, we nurture genuine and harmonious relationships based on restorative principles.


At St Monica’s College, Epping our teaching and learning approach is contemporary, global in perspective and aims to inspire life-long learning. We seek to stimulate and develop academic learning and students’ personal world view through critical thought, whilst always being respectful of students’ abilities and learning styles. We encourage and assist each Monican to reach full potential.

Student-centred educational programs and Co-Curricular offerings foster respect of self, other and the environment. The College provides extensive well-maintained facilities, resources and technologies which reflect an ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation.

St Monica’s College, Epping celebrates its cultural diversity and draws strong identity from its past. We endeavour to empower Monicans to flourish and contribute positively to Australia and the world, now and in the future.

Philosophy enactment

At St Monica’s College, Epping our school philosophy, which includes the vision, mission, values and objectives, will be central to all our policies, practices and teaching and learning programs. The school’s philosophy is published on our school website as well as in our key policies such as our enrolment policy.


The MACS Board will ensure schools have implemented a contextualised school philosophy using this template through the annual report to the school community and regular school review processes (at least once every four years).