Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please be advised that from June 1 we will be discontinuing the Skoolbag app. The number of people using the app no longer justifies the cost so we will rely on email, SMS and the website as the main avenues of communications. Our research shows these three methods of communicating with parents/guardians have the most attention.


The College will SMS you when there is information that needs your prompt attention. This may include student attendance issues and important announcements.


This is our main method of communications. Emails will advise you when newsletters and bulletins are available, announcements from faculties and highlighting updates on our website.


The website will continue to be updated regularly and is the main source of general information. Don’t forget to scroll down to the ‘news’ section for the latest updates.

Please note that it is your responsibility, and very important, that you keep your mobile phone numbers and email addresses up to date to ensure you get important notifications. You can do that through the ‘My SMC’ area of the website. If you need assistance to make those changes please contact us at



Emad Attie

Director of Promotions & Events