A free six-session parenting program for parents of adolescents aged 12 – 14.

Our parents completed an evaluation at the conclusion of Tuning into teens 2019 and were asked a series of questions that helps in planning for future sessions.

When asked what they found most useful in the program, their responses were:

  • Connecting with other parents
  • Learning emotion coaching to help have a more positive outcome during family conflicts.
  • Realising adolescence is a tricky time for all
  • Becoming more self-aware of my feelings and validating the feelings of others
  • Using “ I” statements are very powerful and useful
  • Well delivered.
  • Sharing of stories resonated with my own situation
  • Breaking down emotions and finding ways to connect with my young person
  • Getting better at managing my own emotions
  • Learning different ways to encourage my young person to open up about how they are feeling
  • Learning about how to and when to emotion coach
  • Having things in common with other parents

Please join us for a free six-session parenting program.