What We Offer

The Visual Arts Faculty offers a range of educational programs for all Year levels at SMC.

In Year’s 7 to 10, our students are encouraged to take risks and explore through imagination. This ensures that they are actively engaged in self-directed learning. They are exposed to practical work; historical context and research as well as design and innovation.

Art students undertake both traditional and emerging digital disciplines and investigate and explore a vast array of social and cultural values and beliefs. They learn that experiences and exposure, emotions and a passionate desire to communicate are the starting points for creating an original artwork.

Areas of studies undertaken by SMC students include: Drawing painting, printmaking and digital photography. Students select and manipulate materials, techniques, processes, visual conventions and technologies to express ideas and viewpoints in their artworks.

Design students use manual and digital drawing methods to create visual communications in the specific design fields of Environmental, Industrial and Communication Design. They manipulate design elements and design principles, materials, methods, media and technologies to realise their concepts, and ideas for specific purposes, audiences and needs. Creative, critical and reflective thinking is at the core of Visual Communication Design and is applied throughout each stage of the design process.

Media students are exposed to a range of media forms including traditional channels of film and television as well as new formats encompassing social media. Students learn to analyse meaning and representation in both written and practical forms.

Media students develop practice skills within the entire production process, including writing, planning, production and post-production. Practical and written assessment is based on student’s creative expression, critical thinking and analysis of the creation of meaning in media products.

Our Visual Arts curriculum is scaffolded through to the Senior Years, which then allows our students to fine tune their skill set and focus on styles and genres that are of interest to them. VCE courses of study offered at SMC include Studio Arts, Media and Visual Communication Design.

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Year 11 Photography

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Years 10 – 12 Student Artworks

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Concepts through Digital Photography

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Visual Communication designs and Photography

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Media Posters

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Studies in Film & formats encompassing Social Media

Media: short film by Matthew​ Villella, Year 12